Stone Restoration and Sealer Application

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Sarasota sealer application to travertine, marble, stone, grout. Polishing and Honing, stain removal

 Natural Stone Honing

Honing is the process of making the surface of a natural stone smooth by using fine abrasives to remove the polish, scratches and etch marks. The result is a satin finish sheen than is commonly used in travertine tile and certain marble. Easier to maintain than polished surfaces.

Natural Stone Polishing

Polishing natural stone by using either acidic abrasive compound or diamond pad abrasive will remove hazing, light water spots, etching and scratches. The gloss is built slowly by using finer and finer grits of abrasive at every step of the process. The final result will be a mirror like highly reflective finish. This type of finish is the hardest to maintain as frequent polishing might be necessary.

Sealer Application

Application of penetrating impregnator sealer will protect the surface against water based and oil based stains. It is essential to apply a penetrating sealer to you stone floors to maintain the natural beauty and protect your investment in your flooring. This process should be repeated every other years for normal wear indoor areas and every 6 months for outdoor areas which are subject to the weather elements.

Removing Scratch

Larger and deeper scratch damage to a stone flooring are repairable but will require to grind down deep enough to remove all damages. Depending how much damages the overall floor has sustained, isolated scratch removal or overall treatment might be necessary to achieve optimal results.


During crystallization, a magnesium acid is sprayed onto the floor surface and burnished into the marble using a specially designed and weighted floor machine and a steel wool pad. Crystallization changes the composition of the top layer of marble to calcium fluoride, which is slightly harder than calcium carbonate. When used properly, this method can produce a very durable floor and a brilliant shine. It all hinges on the products used.

Stain Removal

Our specialists are capable of removing the toughest stains impregnated deep into the pores of your natural stone flooring. With the use of custom made pumice, most resilient stains will be extracted out of the stone floors leaving behind its original beauty. 

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If your stone floors are looking poorly, dull or perhaps you have cracks, missing grout or stains. Let our experts give you an opinion on how we can bring life back to your floors. All natural stone should be maintain and proper sealer application should be applied to extend the beauty of your floors and protect your investment.

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